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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What services do the South Suburban Sanitary District provide?

A: The District provides sewer service to the "South Suburban" area of Klamath Falls, also known as the Altamont area. CLICK HERE --> MAP OF THE DISTRICT SERVICE AREA   The District does not provide drinking water service, that is provided by the City of Klamath Falls.


Q: I have a sewer blockage, overflow problem, or other sewer related problem, who do I call?

A: Call the District emergency number: 541 - 882 - 5744. This number will connect you directly with the District staff during the day and will be routed to the answering service after 4:30 pm.


Q: Why do I not receive monthly bills?

A: The District bills on an annual basis, and quarterly payments are required. SEE --> Utility Billing  As a courtasy we send out quarterly reminders. Monthly billing would substantially increase the District billing costs, the District strives to keep our customer costs low.

Q: Does the District accept electronic payment?

A: Not at this time, however, we are working on upgrading our computer system and billing system and in the future we plan on allowing credit and debit card payments on our website. In the meantime you can always use your own personal bank online "bill pay", if equipped. 


Q: Can I make a payment over the phone?  

A: We are sorry, but we not take payments over the phone. You can either mail payment to our office at 2201 Laverne Ave, Klamath Falls, OR; bring them to the office during business hours; or we also have a drop box near our office’s front door. CLICK HERE --> Directions to SSSD


Q: Can I pay with my credit or debit card?  

A: Not at this time. However, we are working on upgrading our computer system and billing system and in the future we plan on allowing credit and debit card payments on our website.


Q: Why did the sewer rates increase?

A:  The Board has increased sewer rates in part based on the relative increase in the cost of goods and services required to properly maintain the District wasewater system. The District is also be facing an expensive wastewater facility upgrade in the next 5-10 years in order to comply with the Klamath River TMDL recently approved by the EPA. The more capital that the District can apply toward the wastewater project, the less interest will be incurred, which will allow future rates to be lower than if the entire future project was financed.


Q: Are the current sewer rates similar to other agency sewer rates?

A: A recent study was conducted to determine what the average sewer rates are within a 150-mile radius of Klamath Falls. The study shows that the District sewer rates are lower than 75% of 26 agencies polled.  pdfCLICK HERE ---> RATE SURVEY DATA     pdfCLICK HERE ---> RATE SURVEY AREA


Q: I am building a new house or commercial development, where do I get my sewer permit?

A: You must first start at Klamath County Development in the planning department. They are located at 305 Main Street, Klamath Falls, OR 97601 or call them at 541-883-5121. The County will issue you a Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS). You bring the LUCS to the District office located at 2201 Laverne Ave, Klamath Falls, OR. Once the system development charge is paid, the District will sign off on your LUCS. You must then take the LUCS back to the planning department.


Q: What fees could I expect before and after connecting to SSSD?  

A: The District charges a system development fee (SDC) to connect to our sewer system. This fee pays for the increase in sewer capacity needed for your connection type. CLICK HERE---> SDC CALCULATOR  After you connect to our sewer system we will charge you an annual fee, this fee pays for the normal operation and maintenance and future capital improvements needed to keep the sewer system functional. Please refer to the utility billing section on our website for our current rates. CLICK HERE --> UTILITY BILLING


Q: Who do I call to inspect my service line?

A: It is suggested that a licenced contrator be contacted that has closed circuit telivision (CCTV) capabilities.


Q: How can I find the sewer on my property? 

A: Call the District office and schedule a line location.


Q: Can I temporary disconnect my sewer?

A: There really is no easy way to temporary disconnect your sewer service. The District can place your account on minimum service (at a reduced rate) if you completely remove your water meter from your property and plan on re-installing the water meter at some later date. The District will require documentation from the City stating the date the water meter was permanently removed.


Q: Who do I call to have my utilities activated or disconnected?

A: You can call our office at 541-884-2884.


Q: Is it allowable to connect my rain gutters to my sewer line or sewer clean-out?

A: NO, connecting your rain gutters or any storm drainage to the sewer system is an illegal form of "Inflow" and a direct violation of our ordinance. You will likley be fined if an Inflow source is discovered.


Q: Is it allowed to dump my used antifreeze, oil, used chemicals, and percription/over the counter drugs into the sewer?

A: NO. Flushing drugs, chemicals, or oils into the sewer is illegal. Illegal dumping causes the cost of treating wastewater to increase and could result in significant fines to the District. The District will fine (and potentially prosecute) anyone guilty of being an illigal discharger.  There is free motor oil recyling at the local transfer center. There are also drug “Take Back Programs” available for a couple times a year in the Klamath Basin and the Sherriff’s office will take them back on Tuesdays.


Q: Who is responsible for maintaining my sewer line?

A: The homeowner is responsible for all maintenance and repair of sewer line from the building to the property line (upper lateral). The District is responsible for maintaining that portion of the sewer line from the property line to the main (lower lateral) and all sewer mains and manholes within the public right of way.


Q: I need to repair or replace my sewer line. What should I do?

A: First contact the District office. If the issue in the sewer line is isolated to the lower lateral, the District fix the line at no charge. If the issue is isolated to the upper lateral, it is suggested that a licensed contractor be contacted who specializes in sewer work. Repairs that are performed on a sewer line that extend to the upper and lower laterals, whether performed by the District or contractor, shall be prorated back to the homeowner or the District. 


Q: Where does the treated wastewater leaving the wasetwater plant go?

A: Treated effluent is mixed with the City and County storm drainage and pumped to the Klamath River for disposal.





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