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Utility Billing

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How Sewer Services Are Assessed And Billed

Click Here ---->pdfCurrent Sewer Fee Schedule


Sewer service fees assessed by the district are billed to property owners in July of every year based on the rates stated below for the type of connection served. 


The follwing discounts are offered by the District:

Advanced Payment Discount (4%) - Payments made for a full year in advance shall receive a discount equal to 4% of the total annual sewer service fee; the district must receive these annual payments prior to September 30th each year in order to qualify.  No discount is given for advance payments of less than one fiscal year. 

Senior Discount (15%) - A 15% discount for senior citizens, who own and live in their residences the entire fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). 

SEE TABLE 3 Current Fee Scedule ---> pdfCurrent Sewer Fee Schedule


A copy of the Senior Discount Form can be found here---->pdfSENIOR DISCOUNT FORM

To have a third party pay the District directly, a third party payment form is required---->pdfTHIRD PARTY PAYMENT FORM


            The District Fiscal Year begins on July 1st              (annual bills are sent out)
Payment Due Date*
Quarter 1 Sept 30th
Quarter 2 Dec 31st
Quarter 3 March 31st
Quarter 4 June 30th
*25% of the annual bill is due prior to the end of each Quarter



Fee Classifications

Fees are classified based on user type. For the current classification definitions see section 9 in: pdfOridinance #50



Customers not opting to pay their annual sewer service fee may pay the quarterly amount due by the end of each quarter.  If quarterly amount is not received by the district by the end of each quarter, the bill is considered delinquent. The district assess 6% or $3.00 per quarter, whichever is greater, for each quarter that the charge remains unpaid after the delinquent date.

Delinquent sewer service fees, connection fees and construction fees which are not received by the district by June 30th of each year are certified to the Klamath County Tax Assessor for collection as established under Oregon Revised Statue 454.225.  The district imposes a penalty on all delinquent accounts for sewer service fees, system development fees, connection fees and construction fees at an additional amount of 18% of the delinquent fees on all accounts which are certified to the Tax Assessor of Klamath County, Oregon, for collection by the district.  Such penalties shall be a lien upon the property served.  The 18% penalty is in addition to the 6% penalty above.  Once an account has been placed with the Klamath County Tax Assessor for collection, the District no longer tracks the amount owed to the District for the year in which the delinquence has occured. The deliquent amount is paid to the County with the payment of property taxes.

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