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Wastewater Collection System

The South Suburban Sanitary District encompasses roughly 10 square miles and serves a population of approximately 25,000 people in over 7500 households and businesses. The District owns and maintains over 100 miles of sewer pipe and over 1000 manholes.  The District operates what is primarily a gravity flow system, with the exception of one pump station. This means that the overall carbon footprint of the collection system is small.

A majority of the sewer mains were installed in the 1960’s and 1970’s and are comprised of asbestos cement (AC) pipe. The District sewer pipe size varies based on how much wastewater is expected to be conveyed. Currently the District has sewer pipe in the range of 6-inches up to 36-inches in diameter. A majority of the larger pipe is made of reinforced concrete (RCP).

Sewer pipe due to age and use is in need of constant maintenance and replacement. Proper maintenance of the sewer system ensures that potential spills are avoided and sewer back-ups are reduced. Additionally proper maintenance of the sewer system will increase the longevity of the District investment.   

The SSSD Collection Crew

Micro Screen 017The SSSD collection crew consists of 7 very hard working individuals dedicated to keeping the District sewer system properly repaired and maintained. The sewer system is flushed on a regular basis and inspected using a remote controlled close circuit television camera (cctv). Manholes that leak groundwater are grouted and sections of sewer lines with defects subject infiltration are strategically replaced or lined in place. 

In addition to sewer maintenance activities, the District collection crew answers service calls for customers that have issues with their sewer system and responds to emergencies within the system, often in conditions of inclement weather. The collection crew also provides sewer location services to contractors and engineers.

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