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Asset Management

The District asset management program will include components as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency:

“The identification, location, and condition of assets; the determination of their useful life and their valuation. The key to asset management is to understand the types, frequency, and costs of failure. Asset management often employs a risk-based management approach that utilizes information on asset failures as part of a decision making model to manage funding and maintenance priorities.”

The benefit of managing risk is a direct long-term cost savings to our rate-payers. 

The District is in the process of establishing a data base of existing wastewater treatment infrastructure using a no cost software package designed by EPA. Check-up program for small systems (CUPSS, EPA) was developed to provide for a system of preventative maintenance and maintenance/replacement planning  for smaller utilities. Cupps can be found here:  

In addition, the District will be assessing the condition of the sewer collection system by reviewing close circuit television footage of the sewer mains and by conducting sewer flow monitoring. The resulting database will eventually be uploaded into a GIS (geographical information system) database for use in determining the best value for sewer repair.

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