South Suburban Sanitary District
Management Team


The SSSD Management Team directs the operation of the District facilities, implements plans for the future, and oversees all District financial responsibilities to ensure that the District continues excellent service to the customers.


Michael T. Fritschi – General Manager

Mr. Fritschi is the newest member of the management team and was recruited to manage the District in June 2011. Mr. Fritschi has 20 years of experience in the management, operation, design, and inspection of wastewater systems. Mr. Fritschi is a licensed Civil Engineer and holds a Grade IV wastewater facility and collections system operations license. Mr. Fritschi received a B.S. degree in Environmental Resources Engineering from Humboldt State University.

Cindy Oden – Director of Administrative Services

Mrs. Oden started with South Suburban Sanitary District in 2006. Mrs. Oden has 26 years of experience in accounting with 12 years in public accounting and management. Mrs. Oden has an A.E. degree in Software Engineering Technology from Oregon Institution of Technology.

Clay Northrop – Collection Systems Supervisor

Clay Northrop has served the south suburban sanitary District since July 1988. Clay has 23 years of experience in wastewater collection System and holds a grade III collection certificate. Clay started as a collection system operator and in 1993 was promoted to collection system supervisor.

Sally Bratton – Wastewater Facility Supervisor

Mrs. Bratton has served the South Suburban Sanitary District since November 2000. Mrs. Bratton has 14 years of experience in wastewater treatment and holds a Grade III wastewater facility operations license. Mrs. Bratton currently supervises the operation of the District wastewater treatment facility. Mrs. Bratton earned an A.S. degree in Civil Engineering from Oregon Institute of Technology.